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Instructions for the exergy calculator

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How it works

How to enter the chemical formula

  1. The program will only recognize numbers and letters belonging to chemical elements.  No special characters such as “-; “+”; “.” are allowed:
  • You should write “Ag” for: “Ag+; Ag+2; “Ag (c)”; The output will show you all possible substances with compound formula “Ag”
  • Compound “NaAlSi2O6.2H2O” should be rewritten as: “NaAlSi2O6(H2O)2”

 2.  The program is sensible to upper and lower case letters:
  • "Co" is Cobalt, while "CO" is Carbon Monoxide
 3. The program recognizes only parenthesis “( )”, do not include any square brackets “[ ]” or accolades “{ }”



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