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Easy exergy calculator

This exergy calculator calculates automatically the chemical exergy of any chemical compound.

  • See instructions for the exergy calculator here.
  • Go to the "Advanced Exergy Calculator" if you want to introduce your own Gibbs free energy value.
  • NEW: Now you can search in our database for chemical names too, not only for chemical formulas
  • NEW: The exergy calculator provides also the standard enthalpy of chemical substances
  • NEW: Click on the reference names, they are linked to the references on this portal and can bring you easily to books, papers, and so on...
Input Data
Enter the chemical name (in English), eg. "Zircon" or write the chemical formula, eg. "ZrSiO4"
Please cite this calculator as: Valero, Alicia and Valero, Antonio. The Exergy Calculator. Online tool available at the Exergoecology Portal. Retrieved -Date-.

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