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Antonio Valero Capilla

Since 1982, Dr. Valero has been involved in the fundamentals of thermoeconomics relating the idea of irreversibility with that of cost. He has searched the physical roots of the process of cost formation. He has applied thermoeconomics to the optimization, design, diagnostics and operation of conventional and advanced power plants, cogeneration systems, bio-mass plants, sugar factories and dual power and water production plants. Dr. Valero is also involved in the applications of Second Law of Thermodynamics to environmental problems and global resources assessments. Second Law outcomes of the greenhouse effect, Second Law assessment of the Earth’s mineral reserves, fresh water and fossil fuels are some of his relevant contributions.

He currently serves as a director of CIRCE, a research institute for Energy Resources and Consumption comprised of 60 researches. Circe is devoted to developing and disseminating the rational use of energy through the integration and extensive use of renewable energies and cost efficient measures.

Dr. Valero received the James Harry Potter Gold Medal (1996) established by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in recognition of an eminent achievement in the application of the science of thermodynamics in mechanical engineering. He also received three Edward F. Obert Awards for the Best Paper in ASME Advanced Energy Systems.

He is honorary professor of the North China University of Electric Power, China, and several other universities worldwide.

He is the Vice-president of the ISGWES, the International Study Group for Water and Energy Systems, and he holds memberships in the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the International Association for Hydrogen Energy, among other distinctions.


Prof. Antonio Valero Capilla
Director of the
Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption
María de Luna 3
50018 Zaragoza
valero @

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