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Jan Tadeusz Szargut

Since 1956 Jan Szargut has been involved in the problematic of irreversibility of thermal processes and connected losses of the ability to perform work. According to the suggestion of Z. Ranz he used later the term exergy. He worked in the field of exergy calculation and of exergy balances. In 1956 he introduced his own version of the flow diagram of exergy balance. In the same time he elaborated the theory of calculation of chemical exergy and introduced the concept of reference substances most common in the natural environment. In 1961 he introduced solid reference substances present in the Earth’s crust and an approximate method of calculation of chemical exergy by means of those substances. He developed also the concept of normal chemical exergy basing upon conventional mean values of ambient temperature, pressure and concentration of reference substances in the natural environment. In 1971 he introduced the concept of reference substances dissolved in sea water. Since 1978 he analyzed the cumulative consumption of non-renewable natural resources of exergy. In 1986 he introduced the concept of the ecological cost determining the depletion of non-renewable natural resources (now thermo-ecological cost) and its minimization. In 1988 he has developed the theory of partial exergy losses appearing in particular links of the chain of technological processes. In 1991 he suggested to introduce a pro-ecological tax replacing the actual taxes and proportional to the depletion of non-renewable natural resources of exergy burdening the consumption goods.

Jan Szargut was in the period 1971-1993 a director of the Institute of Thermal Technology in the Silesian University of Technology (Gliwice, Poland). Since 1993 he is retired but he works (with 50% employment) as research professor in the same Institute. Since 1976 he is a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He was conferring the academic PhD of 28 persons. He was author and co-author of 290 scientific articles and 21 books. He published three monographic books devoted to the exergy problems (two of them in English). He received 12 times the scientific prize of the Polish Minister of Education and Science (8 times the prize of first degree, 4 times of second degree). He received the title Doctor Honoris Causa of two Polish technical universites. He is a Honorary Editor of the International Journal of Thermodynamics and Associate Editor of “Energy, the International Journal”.

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