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Posted by apicalloperez at 2015-10-06 08:41 AM
Hello everybody, I´m trying to do an study of an installation covered by 9 productive equipment and 0 dissipative equipment. Although the "strutucture checking" and "exergy checking" are well done, an error occurs while I click the "show cost analysis" bottom. The error is called "error 9 de compilación". I supposed that the error is related with the number "0" of dissipative elements, due to reason that the fail appears when PFR analysis is to be done. All the other matrix which do not contain dissipative vectors run correctly and are written in the interface. I tried to understand the Visual Basic program, but I´m incapable to found the exact point of the failure. Is this error caused by the "0" of dissipative element or should it be due to another reason? What kind of change should i do? Where do i need to check it? Is it possible to rename any equipment in order to have at least "1" dissipative element? Thank you very much for your time and attention, Ana P.
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