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ECOS 2006

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The ECOS 2006 is the 19th of a series of international conferences that focus on modern aspects of Thermal Sciences with particular emphasis on Thermodynamics and its applications in energy conversion systems and processes. The name ECOS is an acronym of Efficiency, Cost, Optimization and Simulation of energy conversion systems, keywords that best describe the contents of the presentations and discussions taking place in these conferences. Also, the environmental impact of these systems is implied by this name.

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2006-07-12 09:00 AM to
2006-07-14 06:05 PM
Capsis Hotel, Aghia Pelagia, Crete, Greece
Christos Frangopoulos
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New book: Thanatia

Thanatia: The Destiny of the Earth's Mineral Resources

Thanatia: The Destiny of the Earth's Mineral Resources

A Thermodynamic Cradle-to-Cradle Assessment by (author): Antonio Valero Capilla (CIRCE — Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain), Alicia Valero Delgado (CIRCE — Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)

Is Gaia becoming Thanatia, a resource exhausted planet? For how long can our high-tech society be sustained in the light of declining mineral ore grades, heavy dependence on un-recycled critical metals and accelerated material dispersion? These are all root causes of future disruptions that need to be addressed today.

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